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Sponsor a Post

Sponsored Posts – Sponsor a Post at Bereko Technology Island

Promoting your business, products or event with a blog post is far better than banner advertisement. The post will be indexed in search engines and can be viewed by a lot of persons who can become paying customers.

It will be shared to all our Email Subscribers, will be continously shared and promoted on our Social Media timelines and our in-house SEO experts will optimize it to continuously get search engine traffic for as long as the article exists.

The post/article won’t be done on the blog alone, apart from posting your article on my blog, I also share across my social networks, Facebook, twitter, etc. For very interesting articles they might be boosted on Facebook

Price of a sponsored post

We have a fixed amount of price of any sponsored post that will be published here and it is N6,000 ($17) for per sponsored post.

Benefits and bonuses

Your post will be shared all over our social media. Your post will be linked to your products. Your post will remain on our blog forever. Your post will pass across our newsletters. Your post will be at the top for 5 days. Your post will be SEO Optimized.

Who writes the sponsored post?

The sponsored post can be written by us from our sponsors alongside the information my personal interview. If you wish to also submit your high quality, satisfied sponsored post for us, we will accept it and edit it to our personal taste but won’t remove the relevant and vital information and links from it.

If you’d prefer, I can get your sponsorship onto an existing article. If all you’re looking for is to be affiliated with a particular subject, take a moment to search the blog using the search boxes. If you find an article you’d like to sponsor, just let me know which one. I will edit it for you.

Payment method

We accept payments using wire transfer/ bank deposit, online transfer, mobile transfer.

Contact us for more information or for the sponsored post

You can contact us by sending us a mail to and we will be expecting your sponsored post in our next update.

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