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PDP to Buhari – You Failed Nigerians

The Peoples Democratic Party PDP has responded to the Christmas message by the president.

The Peoples Democratic Party on Sunday blamed President Muhammadu Buhari for misleading Nigerians with exhaust sayings (empty platitudes)

The party verbally expressed this in its reaction to a Christmas message by the president.

“In a civilised environment, a score card of failure and evidences of failed promises after three years of governance are enough indices to tender a letter of resignation and not words of assurances of a better tomorrow,” the opposition party said in a statement signed by Diran Odeyemi, its deputy spokesperson.

Mr. Odeyemi said Mr. Buhari’s Christmas message to Nigerians was without responsibility (without accountability)

Mr. Buhari sent his Christmas message to Nigerians Saturday nightstrongly encouraging his loyal friendto be patienttough and hopeful.

The president uniquely felt for the casualties of Boko Haram strike over the North-east, communicating trust in the capacity of an assembled Nigeria to vanquish the feared group.

The PDP pummeled the president for not coming clean about the condition of the Boko Haram war to Nigerians.

The party asked why Mr. Buhari is wanting to spend another $1 billion on the war endeavors, in spite of rehashed claims that the insurrection had been crushed.

Despite the fact that Mr. Buhari and Nigeria’s military boss have been announcing triumph over Boko Haram since 2015, the organization has denied intending to spend all of $1 billion to battle the guerillas.

Newly elected PDP chairman, Uche Secondus

VP Yemi Osinbajo said the cash, which would be drawn from the excess crude account, would go towards enhancing security over the 36 states.

The VP said something after the issue produced an across the nation hubbub, with Governor Ayo Fayose claiming that Mr. Buhari needed to distribution center the money in front of 2019 races.

The PDP said Nigerians should analyze the years when it drove the nation to what at present gets under the All Progressives Congress, APC.

“A government once reigned here that was ready to take ‘bullet’ to ensure its citizens live in comfort and here is another government with all trappings of medieval king that scourged his subjects with scorpions, tormenting them by creating artificial scarcity of the most important product on which our national life and wellbeing is built,” Mr. Odeyemi said.

The APC spokesperson, Bolaji Abdullahi, did not immediately respond to requests for comments about the latest attack from PDP, but the ruling party had urged the opposition to desist from commenting on national issues.

The APC said the anguish the PDP purportedly caused on Nigerians through unconscionable plundering of the treasury at all levels while it was in control was still new.

The PDP drove Nigeria at the middle in the vicinity of 1999 and 2015, creating three presidents.

The party’s reign had been marred with widespread allegations of fraud and economic mismanagement.

A few individuals from the PDS, particular those that served under the last administration of Goodluck Jonathan, are as of now confronting debasement allegations (corruption charges)

The party rejected all affirmations of wrongdoings brought against its individuals by government specialists, saying they are being abused in light of the fact that they declined to desert to the decision party.

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